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  Α. Already published:

1    Cartwright, J: Views in the Ionian Islands, Argostoli 1998. Also in Greek.
This booklet contains the original text which accompanied the album of lithographs by Joseph Cartwright, first published in London in 1821. The album consisted of three sheets of text and twelve lithographs, over-painted and attached to paperboard. All twelve plates are exhibited today in the Collections of the Focas-Cosmetatos Foundation.

2   Michalopoulos, Fanis: Η σημαία της Επτανήσου Πολιτείας (The Flag of the Septinsular Republic), Argostoli 1998. In Greek.
Extract from a long essay by Fanis Michalopoulos on Czar Alexander I of Russia, first published in installments in "Ethnos" newspaper, 1953.

3   Focas-Cosmetatos, Kosmetos: Cephalonian Architecture, Argostoli 1998. Also in Greek (see below).                                                                 
Extracts from the book “Cephalonia A’ Architecture”.

4   Svoronou, Angèle: Traditional Cephalonian Architecture, Argostoli 1999. Bilingual publication in Greek and English.                                                                   
A detailed study of the architecture of Cephalonia before the catastrophic earthquakes of 1953, illustrated with photographs and architectural drawings. A must for everyone designing or building in Cephalonia.

5   Focas-Cosmetatos Foundation: The Story of Money, Argostoli 2001. A bilingual publication in Greek and English.                                                           
A brief presentation of the various means of exchange, from early prehistoric times to today.

6   Focas-Cosmetatos, Kosmetos: The Italian-German Conflict in Cephalonia, 1943, Argostoli 2003. In Greek.
A detailed chronicle of the events that took place in Cephalonia in 1943, when the entire Italian Division Acqui was slaughtered by the German army. The book illuminates the complexity of actual events which, in some cases, differ from the stereotypes that have been impressed in our memories.

7   Diovouniotis, Nikos: Letters between Two Cousins,
Argostoli 2003. In Greek.
A satirical book, written in the traditional Cephalonian dialect

8   Focas-Cosmetatos Foundation: The flora of Cephalonia,
Argostoli 2003. In English.
An introduction to the characteristics of the Greek flora.

9    Focas-Cosmetatos, Kosmetos: Cephalonia: Income and Reconstruction,
Athens 1949. Also in Greek.
A study of the period of reconstruction in Cephalonia following World War II. The study focuses on the social income of Cephalonia from 1939 to 1947, the project of the Ministry of Reconstruction and the resulting town plan of Argostoli.
10   Focas-Cosmetatos Foundation: IONIAN FLORA-Plants from the collection of Cephalonia Botanica, Athens 2011.
A book dedicated to the flora of the Ionian Islands as presented in Cephalonia Botanica. Selection and description by Jennifer Gay.

11   Focas-Cosmetatos Foundation: «Images and Interpretations by Melita Vangelatou», Athens 2015.
A photographic album inspired by Cephalonia Botanica.


Β. Future publications and reprints:

12   Focas-Cosmetatos, Kosmetos: Cephalonia A' Traditional Costumes,
Athens 1953.
A study of male and female traditional Cephalonian costumes, illustrated with colour drawings in the form of plates. This book, a classic of its kind, is the result of great effort and long research and is considered an important reference for researchers in the history of the island.

13   Focas-Cosmetatos, Nikolaos: The Castle of St. George in Cephalonia,
Athens 1966. In Greek.
Short presentation of the history of the Venetian Fortress of Saint George, including a detailed description of the fortress and its surrounding area, its traditional fairs and relevant demographic data. The last part of the book contains photographs and maps of the fortress.

14  Focas-Cosmetatos, Nikolaos: Icons and Iconography of The Virgin in Cephalonia.
This unpublished essay contains an invaluable list of all known local icons of The Virgin and their owners. Research is needed to locate and photograph them again, and provide them with expert attributions and commentary.  

15    Focas-Cosmetatos, Spiridon (S.P. Cosmin): Dossiers secrets de la Triple Entente, Grèce 1914-1922,
Paris 1969.
This study is based on official documents of the Greek Ministry of Foreign Affairs. For its planned Greek edition, research must be carried out in the Archives of the Ministry so that the documents can be quoted to the letter.

16   Knapp, Dr Rüdiger: Die vegetation von Kephallinia, Griechenland,
Koenigstein, 1965.
This scientific study, which includes a great number of maps, charts, drawings and photographs, has already been translated into Greek. When published, it will offer us a valuable picture of the flora of Cephalonia before the changes brought about by modern urban and tourist development.

The visitor will find all of the Foundation’s publications, which are sold exclusively through its Shop, as well as selected titles of books relating to the Ionian Islands. He will also find postcards and posters with reproductions of the work of Cartwright, Lear and Cook, and plates of the Cephalonian costumes contained in Kosmetos Focas-Cosmetatos’ book of the same title.