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  1     Spiridon Focas-Cosmetatos (1884-1978)
He was born in Argostoli. Between 1934 and 1964 he served as Director of the Press Office at the Greek Embassy in Paris. During the German Occupation of Greece he fought the regime, transmitting information from Vichy to the Greek Government in exile. He is the author of many studies and articles on the political and cultural history of Greece.
Among his works are the following:
1) Au lendemain des Guerres Balcaniques (After the Balkan Wars), Paris 1915
2) La Macedoine, son passé et son présent (Macedonia, Past and Present), Lausanne 1919
3) Ιστορικοί χάρται του Ελληνισμού (Historical Maps of Hellenism) (in Greek and French), Berne 1921
4) Diplomatie et Presse dans l’affaire Grécque , 1914-1916 (Diplomacy and Press in Greek Affairs 1914-1916) (under the alias S. Cosmin), Paris 1921
5) La Pythie de Délphes (The Pythia of Delphi), 1952
6) Les monuments Byzantins (The Byzantine Monuments), 1953
7) Olympie, Jeux Olympiques (Olympia, Olympic Games), 1953
8) Chypre (Cyprus), 1954
9) Iles de la mer Egée (Islands of the Aegean Sea), 1958
10) Grèce actuelle (Contemporary Greece), 1959
11) Dossiers secrets de la Triple Entente, Grèce 1914-1922, 1969
Where not otherwise indicated, these works were published in Paris.

2     Nikolaos Focas-Cosmetatos ( 1900-1982)
He was born in Argostoli. He studied Law at the University of Geneva and worked as Senior Officer in the Bank of Greece.
After his retirement, he published the historical study Το Κάστρο Αγίου Γεωργίου Κεφαλληνίας (The Castle of Saint George in Cephalonia), Athens 1966.

3    Kosmetos Focas-Cosmetatos (1891-1969)
He was born in Argostoli. He studied engineering and agronomy at Montpellier University and economics in London. From 1928 until his death he was Senior Adviser to the Bank of Greece, except during the Occupation, when he was dismissed by the Germans. He also served as consultant for many companies.
Kosmetos Focas–Cosmetatos wrote many articles in newspapers and magazines, and the following economic and cultural history books on Cephalonia:
1) L' île de Céphalonie au point de vue agricole (The Agriculture of the Island of Cephalonia), Clermond Ferrand 1923
2) Ο Αίνος και τα όρη της Κεφαλληνίας από απόψεως δασικής και τουρισμού (Aenos and the Mountains of Cephalonia in Terms of Forestry and Tourism), Athens 1925
3) Γεωργο-οικονομικαί απόψεις επί των αρδεύσεων και των εγγειοβελτιωτικών έργων (Agro-economic Implications of Irrigation and Land Reclamation), Athens 1925
4) Η συμβολή του αρδευτικού ύδατος είς την επαύξησιν του εθνικού πλούτου (The Contribution of Irrigation to the Growth of National Income), Athens 1942
5) Η Εισαγωγή της Ιταλικής Ιονικής δραχμής είς την Επτάνησον (1941-1943) (The Introduction of the Italian Ionic Drachma in the Ionian Islands (1941-1943), Athens 1949
6) Κεφαλληνία: Το εισόδημα αυτής εν όψει της ανασυγκροτήσεως (Cephalonia: Income and Reconstruction), Athens 1949
7) Κεφαλληνιακά A' Φορεσιές (Cephalonia A' Traditional Costumes), Athens 1953
8) Κεφαλληνιακά Β' Αρχιτεκτονικά (Cephalonia B' Architecture), Athens 1962
9) Editor in 1960 of Volume II of the book Κεφαλληνιακά Σύμμικτα (Cephalonian Miscellany) by Elias Tsitselis, a hefty volume requiring careful deciphering of the original manuscript.